Product Offering

Because of the personal nature and customisation of our product offering we prefer dealing personally with each individual customer. Please contact us so we can attend to your personal requirements.

Product manufactured specifically for each individual (Business / Person)

Guaranteed to be unique

Dare to be different…










# Custom Leather Business Card

# Custom Leather Key fob business Card

# Custom Solid wood Guest Wifi, or customer Explore nfc porter

# Custom Smart Poster explore in any material required

# Custom Doming

# We Customise anything and everything…



Programming your NFC Data Card

Step 1: Preparation

Creating a digital business card is quite simple. Here’s what you need:

  • Some NFC tags.
  • A smartphone with an NFC chip (most current cell-phones have one).
  • An App for reading and writing NFC chips. We use NXP TagWriter . Available in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Step 2: Set-up Your NFC Chip

First, check to see if you’re NFC chip is empty and ready for writing. Simply turn on NFC communication on your phone and hold the chip to your phone to see what’s on it.

If yours has some data on it as well you’ll have to format it before you can use it. Best is to format as NDEF.

Step 3: Upload Your Contact Information

Now select the information you want to put on your NFC tag. You can simply put a link to your website on it or you can upload your entire contact information on it, so it is immediately added to someone’s phone.

Step 5: Get Connected!

You can now use your card to quickly hand over your contact information and expand your network! Simply swipe your business card next to someone’s phone and put it back in your pocket or hand them out like high-tech candy!

Keep playing – the chip is designed to be re written 100 000 times…