What is NFC

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein


Implementing technologies into physical things has never been more popular. Technologies advance every day, and so do the possibilities that come with it. NFC tags are being integrated in more and more items that we use every day.

NFC – Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a fast, intuitive technology that lets you interact securely with the world around you with a simple touch. NFC wireless proximity technology is available in billions of smartphones, tablets, consumer and industrial electronics—with new devices arriving almost daily.

NFC for business

NFC technology is all about expanding the reach of the digital experience, pulling in more data and creating more opportunities for interactivity with the physical environment. In many ways, NFC is seen as bridge between the digital and the analogue.

It is about connecting the unconnected.

When you look at things like changing the in-store experience or putting NFC on something of zero intelligence to gather data from that monitoring device, the future is sort of endless.

Companies are already applying NFC technology across the board in creative ways, from public transportation to helping people quickly ordering in a restaurant.


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There has never been a more exciting time for NFC technologies

As the NFC ecosystem begins to mature and moves from just contactless payments to more marketing-based applications, business leaders increasingly need to understand just how they can harness the power of NFC to drive brand awareness, increase revenue, and create an exciting customer experience. More consumers than ever will have NFC smartphones in their hands (all handsets made from 2017; some from as far back as 2012). Mobile applications, point-of -sale, location-based value delivery – all need to be adapted to meet the needs of the NFC-empowered consumer in order to keep a competitive edge. There has never been a more exciting time for NFC technologies.

What is NFC?

NFC is a mainstream wireless technology, thanks to the growth of online payment systems like Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Especially when it comes to high-end devices and even many mid-rangers. You’ve likely heard the term before, but what is NFC exactly?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows users to make secure transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. NFC transmissions are short range (from a touch to a few centimetres) and require the devices to be in close proximity. This requires at least one transmitting device, and another to receive the signal. A range of devices can use the NFC standard and will be considered either passive or active.

Passive NFC devices include tags, and other small transmitters, that can send information to other NFC devices without the need for a power source of their own. However, they don’t process any information sent from other sources, and can’t connect to other passive components.  These often take the form of interactive signs on walls or advertisements.

Active devices like cell phones are able to both send and receive data, and can communicate with each other as well as with passive devices. Smartphones are by far the most common form of active NFC device. Public transport card readers and touch payment terminals are also good examples of the technology.

What’s in store for NFC in the future?

With the kind of innovations in NFC campaigns we have seen in the last decade, one thing is certain that NFC marketing is at a rise now more than ever before. Based on  “Global Near Field Communication Market (2018-2023)” report, “Global NFC market is expected to have a significant compounded annual growth rate of 21.30% and reach a market size of USD 23.82 Bn by 2023. “

The increasing awareness about NFC campaigns coupled with the increase in NFC enabled smartphone users is bound to increase the scope for application of  NFC based ad campaigns in the upcoming years.

# NFC tags as virtual business cards

Stand out at any event or conference with your very own customizable business card. Simply program your contact information, social media details and your website on the NFC tag and you’re good to go. A plus side is that you can store more information on an NFC tag than you would on a traditional card.

# Leather Business Card or Key fob…

# Launch a website with your NFC tag

Program your NFC tag to launch any website. This can save you a lot of time because you will not have to type those long website addresses.

# Smart Poster

The ability to easily transfer data is appealing to retailers, advertising agencies, transportation authorities, health care providers, and many other industries, especially those that interact with consumers. The seamless engagement offers new and innovative ways to distribute information, and its applications are only limited by the creativity of the provider.

# Lock/Unlock your door with NFC tags

If you have a smart lock in your home you can use NFC tag to lock or unlock your door. Also you can store data from your contactless card.

# Use an NFC tag to share photos and videos

Have a friend with an NFCenabled phone? Bump your phones to share photos, playlists, or videos.

# NFC tags for making payments

Thanks to NFC technology, payment is starting to go mobile. NFC provides secure storing of your credit card information and enables you to pay for goods by simply tapping on the payment terminal.

# Turn on your phone’s hotspot with NFC tags

With an NFC tag, simply tap your phone to the tag and it will automatically fire up the phone’s hotspot capability. Perfect for on–the–go when you need a quick access point for your laptop or tablet

# Use an NFC tag to send messages 

Program your NFC tag to send morning texts to your special someone or use the tag to respond to people while driving. Program the tag to automatically reply “I’m driving, text you later” to the last received text, so that you can focus on the road.

# Custom Leather Business Card

# Custom Leather Key fob business Card

# Custom Solid wood Guest Wifi, or customer Explore nfc porter

# Custom Smart Poster explore in any material required

# Custom Doming

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# The possibilities are endless, only limited to the imagination of the provider…

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